Ella, Oscar and Me (Joni Keen)

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Format: Album [digital only]

Cat No: CR1035
Release date: Feb 2012

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Ella, Oscar, and Me (feat. Euan Stevenson, Andrew Sharkey, Tom Gordon) - Joni Keen

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Track Listing:

  1. Never make your move too soon [Jennings/Hooper]
  2. Don’t know why [Harris]
  3. Gypsy in my soul [Boland/Jaffe]
  4. Summertime [Gershwin/Gershwin/Hayward/Hayward]
  5. The man i love[Gershwin/Gershwin]
  6. Fragile [Sumner]
  7. I should care [Stordahl/Weston/Cahn]
  8. Somev of my best friends [Harris/Byron]
  9. I remember you [Schertzinger/Mercer]
  10. Jersey girl {Tom Waits]
  11. Shiver me timbers [Tom Waits]